Name: Ash

Day/Time: Saturday, 2:17 AM

Current state of mind: Buzzed and bored

What are you wearing? Leggings and a t-shirt that says “Feeling IDGAF-ish today”

What are you listening to? Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

What are you drinking? Margarita on the rocks

Where are you? Kitchen

Once upon a sweltering summer night, Marissa and I broke into a cemetery. It wasn’t our brightest idea, but it’s not like we were geniuses at eighteen—even though we thought we were. We were powerful for our age, and cocky as fuck. We’d just gotten back from this lame party and we were bored with a capital B. There was nothing on TV and it was way too early for bed. Not like I was going to be sleeping much, anyway.

I was being haunted by this evil bitch with a penchant for torment and murder. For two weeks, she turned my dreams into nightmares. For two fucking weeks, she would torture me until she killed me. It all felt so real. I’d wake up in agony, bruised, and drenched in sweat. The old hag had turned my mind into her own hellish playground, and I didn’t know why. And it wasn’t for the lack of trying on my part. I tried asking questions, but it’s hard to ask anything when your vocal cords and entire body are paralyzed.

Anyway, Rissa and I were raiding the pantry for some junk food when she confronted me about the bruises covering my arms and legs. The illusion spell I’d cast to cover my injuries had worn off, and I’d been busted. There was no point in lying, so I spilled and told Riss everything. That’s when she offered a solution in the form of a summoning spell.

I was hesitant at first. Summoning spells can be unpredictable; you never know who or what will come through once you open the door between our world and the spirit one. It was risky, but I was exhausted and desperate. And you know what they say about desperate times calling for desperate measures.

We tried summoning the she-devil from home first, but she never answered. So, Rissa suggested we go to the cemetery. She figured if we couldn’t contact my diabolical ghost, maybe one of the many other spirits could give us some info about my tormentor from hell. The odds weren’t in our favor, but all I wanted was for my life to go back to normal. I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer without worrying about being murdered in my sleep by some dead, deranged demon.

Armed with our grimoires, magic, and spell ingredients, we set off for the old graveyard. It was a quick ten-minute drive, and breaking in was easy enough. We just used our magic to pick the lock on the old iron gates, though they could’ve used some WD-40 or something. I’m surprised we didn’t wake the entire neighborhood when they shrieked open.

Anyway, we set up our spell by the old, secluded mausoleum. It was the perfect spot to keep us hidden from any prying eyes—not that anyone in their right mind would be out in the cemetery that late at night.

As we got to work on opening the door between our worlds, unease filled my already knotted gut. Beads of cold sweat dripped down my spine and dotted my forehead as malevolent energy permeated the balmy air, settling its oppressive weight on my shoulders. The warm winds shifted to a northerly breeze, chilling my skin as storm clouds rolled in, killing the full moon’s incandescent light. Lightning flashed in the distance like some ominous warning, but we pressed on, determined to get some answers.

But none came. Despite the supernatural woo-woo going on around us, no one showed. Ghosts are so fucking fickle and a pain in the ass. They’re never around when you need them, and they won’t leave you alone when you don’t.

Frustrated and furious, I lost my shit. I jumped to my feet and unloaded a slew of truth bombs, calling that demonic bitch every name I could think of. She was a pathetic little coward who was too scared to face me. Riss tried calming me down, but there was no stopping me. If that bitch didn’t show her face, I vowed to find some other way to get rid of her.

My threats worked. The earth rumbled and quaked, rattling the headstones around us as the wind gusted and rain poured down, lashing our faces. Lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a thunderous boom as the supernatural door exploded open, knocking us flat on our asses.

That bitch wasted no time launching herself at me, but the barrier spell we cast trapped the dead demon within the confines of our protective circle. But that didn’t stop her from trying. She chanted ancient incantations as she pummeled the invisible wall between us. She was as determined to break free as I was determined to get answers. But she didn’t give a damn about what I wanted, and vice versa. It was time to banish her unhinged ass for good.

Rissa and I were preparing the banishment spell when the she-devil busted out of her cage. She flicked her wrist, sending my body airborne. I crash-landed against a headstone, my head cracking off the cool granite as darkness enveloped me.

I woke up in the mausoleum with my head nestled on Ryan’s denim-clad lap. I wasn’t sure if he was real or if I was hallucinating. Given my concussed brain, the latter was completely possible. My head throbbed, the pain amplified by Nick and Rissa’s arguing as their voices echoed off the stone walls. I remembered everything up to the point of my blackout, but I had a lot of blanks that needed filling.

I leaned against Ryan’s chiseled frame as he eased me upright, his touch sparking a fire within my veins. I’d always been attracted to him, but I tamped down my feelings. I could always get my flirt on later. My survival took priority. If I wanted to stay in the land of the living, I needed to eradicate that demonic ghost bitch for good.

While Rissa filled me in on what I missed, Nick and Ryan devised a plan to eliminate the demon, which didn’t include me. There was no way I was going to allow them to sideline me. Just because I didn’t have enough magical juice to put her down on my own, didn’t mean I needed to be benched. That bitch targeted me. She tortured me. If anyone was going to put her down, it would be me.

My determination paid off. I would be the bait, and together we would send the demon back to the Underworld. For good.

So we headed back home and I headed up to my room, where the magical trap had been set. Nervous, I crawled into bed, exhaustion seeping in the second my head hit the pillow. I was vulnerable, but I trusted my friends to have my back.

I drifted off into a deep and pleasant sleep, but it didn’t last long. The old hag showed up, thirsty for torture. Too bad for her, I was thirsty for revenge. She didn’t even get the chance to hurt me. She was plucked out of my dreams before her magic could even touch me. I woke in time to help send her back to her own personal hell in the Underworld.

I know you’re probably curious about the details of the spells we used, but that information is classified and none of your business. All you need to know is that they worked, and I finally got some much-deserved rest. I was able to enjoy the rest of my summer, and I did end up getting my flirt on with Ryan. He flirted back, BTW. Gotta love those steamy summer flings, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, my brownies are done baking and I need another margarita. If you have any questions or comments, just drop them below and I’ll get back to you.


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