Name: Raichel

Day/Time: According to the timestamp it’s July 2, 4:11 PM

Current state of mind: Hangry and bored

What are you wearing? Mini sundress

What are you listening to? Gasoline by Halsey

What are you drinking? Water

Where are you? Hell

I’m in hell. Well, I’m not in actual hell, but it’s close enough. From the looks of this cramped and damp shithole, I’ve landed in magical timeout, which means I was a bad girl who had a good time. Too bad the same can’t be said for everyone else, but that’s what happens when you fuck with my fun. Since I’m bored and have nothing better to do, I’ll tell you all about my night. Lucky you.

My misadventures started yesterday evening after some perky little blonde with moss green eyes waltzed into my shop. She flashed this fake sugary-sweet smile as she thrust out five hundred dollars and begged me for a love spell. I thought she was joking or on drugs. Maybe both. Everyone knows love spells are illegal, but that’s not why I wouldn’t craft one.

I didn’t know her, I didn’t like her, and I sure as hell didn’t trust her. I wasn’t about to punish some poor, hapless schmuck into a lifetime of misery, because Psycho Barbie Sunshine was desperate for a companion. Her pathetic need to be loved by someone who wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence wasn’t my problem. And I wasn’t gonna make it anyone else’s either. Freewill and all that blah-blah bullshit.

Naturally, I laughed in her face and told her to get the fuck out. I had places to be, and I was done with our conversation. But Psycho Barbie didn’t get the memo. She just planted her feet, refusing to leave. And that’s when I saw the conniving, back-stabbing bitch beneath that sunny facade. She was one of those phony ass-kissing types who’d smile to your face while driving a dagger through your back.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to see the blade before it pierces my skin. I was over it. I was over her.

Since Psycho Barbie refused to leave of her own volition, I decided to help. I escorted her out, right through the second-story window. Problem solved.

I repaired the shattered glass with a quick spell before freshening up and heading out. As I stepped out onto the sidewalk, Psycho Barbie was nowhere to be found. Either she was a quick healer, or I had tossed her further than I thought. My magic has this nasty habit of getting away from me whenever I’m pissed off. But whatever, I wasn’t worried about it. I had other things on my mind, like hitting up Casey’s and quenching my thirst. It was Thirsty Thursday, after all.

The bar was packed, but I spotted Casey instantly. He was hard to miss. His tall, sculpted frame looked utterly delectable in faded jeans and a light blue t-shirt, which showed off his tanned, tattooed arms. Casey leaned against the wall, seeming all relaxed as he drank his beer, but he was anything but. Beneath that cool, casual exterior was a coiled viper ready to spring into action at any sign of trouble. Gods, he was so mouth-watering hot, I couldn’t help but drink him in.

Casey’s piercing gaze shot to mine; his sensual lips curving upwards in a wicked smile. I crossed the short distance between us and grabbed his beer, polishing off the rest of the bottle. He tossed the empty aside, his mouth crashing down against mine in a deep, ravenous kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he spun me around, pressing me up against the wall, his hard body flush against mine.

Casey’s tongue slid between my parted lips doing a slow, erotic dance with my own. His hand skated up my thigh, setting my skin on fire. His lips trailed down my neck, rough stubble grazing my sensitive flesh, sending my nerve endings ablaze as I threaded my fingers through his thick, short hair.

He broke the kiss without warning, leaving me starved and hungry for more. I clutched his broad shoulders, his lustful eyes gazing into mine, asking a question he already knew the answer to. Like I was gonna deny him. I wasn’t and didn’t.

Casey didn’t waste any time. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his back office. With one quick swipe of his arm, he cleared his desk off and all but tossed me onto the polished wood. I’ll spare you all the dirty details and let your imagination do the rest. Let’s just say we got quite the workout.

After our erotic romp, we hit up the bar. I ordered my standard issue bottle of bourbon, while Casey got a beer and got back to work. He had some things to take care of, and I didn’t mind since he took care of me. I was completely satisfied.

I headed out to the crowded patio, where the band was playing one of my favorite eighties’ songs. It was the perfect summer night, despite the cool breeze chilling my exposed skin. But hey, I had my bourbon to keep me warm, until Casey rejoined me.

Anyway, I was getting my drink on and dancing to an old school rock tune, when the heavy weight of a stare bore into my back. I spun and found Psycho Barbie Sunshine snarling at me like some pissed off miniature terrier. She looked good for someone who’d been shot out of a window like a projectile missile. There wasn’t a scratch on her, which told me she was older and more powerful than I initially thought. But it didn’t matter.

She wanted a fight. She would get a fight.

I waved and winked, tossing her a saccharine smile. I shoved my way through the throng of inebriated idiots, knowing damn well she’d follow me. And she did. I lured her out to the parking lot away from most prying eyes and ears. I took one last pull of bourbon, savoring the sweet burn. I gripped the bottleneck tight, whirling around and cracking it against Psycho Barbie’s face. She stumbled back holding her cheek as I summoned my power, flinging her halfway across the lot.

I strode towards her, the wind gusting at my whim, blowing the leaves off the branches as an ancient, but familiar magic filled the air, mixing with my own. I wasn’t dealing with a witch. I was dealing with something else. Something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I paused mid-stride as past and present collided, providing me with juicy secrets that would get my ass out of trouble. I was about to be swimming in it with what I was about to do. I was gonna need a shit ton of power to take her out. And that kind of power wouldn’t go unnoticed, especially during tourist season.

Psycho Barbie emerged from the shadows practically unscathed. She shot her arm out and I dove to the ground, her magic searing my back.

I sprung to my feet, hitting the old bitch with my power as it exploded out of me. She screamed, blood pouring from her orifices as she hit the ground. Streetlights shattered and cars burst into flames as I stalked towards her. Lightning flashed, illuminating the midnight sky as thunder rumbled overhead. Rain poured down, lashing my face as I gripped her head in my hands. She snagged my wrist, burning my skin. I snapped her neck and used what little magic I had left to destroy the old bitch.

That’s the last thing I remember before I blacked out and woke up in this dreary shithole.

Uh-oh. Nick’s here. Judging from that savage scowl on his sinfully sexy face, he looks like he’s about to murder me. Lucky for me, I have some information that just might prove useful and take me off Nick’s naughty list. For now. Wish me luck.



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