Happy Friday and Happy July everyone! It’s officially summer and this shit show of a year is halfway over. Summer’s been a scorcher so far. We’ve been taking advantage of this heatwave and spending lots of our free time relaxing in the pool and soaking in the sun.

Since it’s been a steamy summer, I figured it would be a good month to talk more about romance. I know I’ve mentioned some of my favorite romantic tropes in the past, and today I’m going to mention a few more. I’m going to talk about the romantic gestures, moments, and tropes that send my heart fluttering. So, grab your beverage of choice and let’s get started.

Romantic Gestures and Moments

The Forehead Kiss. Nothing says I care or love you more than the forehead kiss. It’s such a simple, but sweet and meaningful gesture. It doesn’t matter whether I’m reading it, watching it on TV, or writing it. Nothing makes me happy sigh more than the forehead kiss.

It’s the Little Things That Matter. Screw the grand and over-the-top gestures, it’s the little things that mean the most. It’s the little things that show how much someone cares. Whether it’s holding hands, cuddling, offering the love interest their coat, bringing them some coffee, and more – it’s the small gestures that make my heart melt the most.

First Dates. I’m a sucker for a good first date scene. I love experiencing the butterflies and the first date jitters right along with the couple. I love seeing the connection, chemistry, and sparks fly. I love the flirty and witty banter. I love the flushed cheeks, lingering gazes, and soft smiles. I love learning about the pair as they learn about each other, and I love the anticipation of it all. Will they kiss, or won’t they? Will the date go smoothly, or will it end in disaster? Keep turning the pages to find out.

Cooking Together. I don’t know why, but I just love it when a couple cooks together. Bonus points if they share food and feed each other. There’s something so sweet and intimate about this kind of scene. Much like first dates, cooking together is a great way for the pair to explore their relationship, while allowing readers to learn more about them. Not to mention, these scenes can go from sweet to steamy.

Dancing. There’s something so sensual, sexy, and intimate about a couple dancing together. I just love it when they’re swaying to the rhythmic music, their bodies perfectly in sync, and the world fades away around them. They get lost in the moment, the music, and each other. The anticipation of what happens next, leaves me wanting more. A steamy dance scene is guaranteed to leave my blood running hot.

Steamy Showers. Nothing gets my heart racing more than a steamy shower scene – especially when it’s followed by some TLC. I love it when a couple showers together and things go from steamy to downright hot. While I love reading and writing about all the dirty details, it’s the tender moments afterwards that really make me melt. My absolute favorite is when they wash their love interest’s hair. Throw in some cuddling, pillow talk, and falling asleep together afterwards, and I’m one satiated girl.

What Do You Want? I love this question. I love it when couples are considerate of each other’s wants and needs, especially in the bedroom. Other questions like, “Do you like this? Do you want this? Are you sure?” are just a few ways to ask consent and ensure that their partner is enjoying all the steamy action. Consent isn’t a buzz kill. Consent is sexy and will always make my blood run hot.

Tropes: Part Two

Forbidden Love. These couples are attracted to each other and want nothing more than to explore their feelings, but some outside force is keeping them apart. Whether it’s their families, culture, society, or more, these two seemed doomed from the start. But, as the story goes on, this couple eventually caves into their desires and falls in love. And they’re willing to fight for each other, no matter the cost. While this trope isn’t in my top three, it definitely ranks high on my favorites list.

Hurt/Comfort. One character gets hurt, while the other comforts them in some way. While we all hate to see our favorite characters hurt, there’s a comforting reassurance that their love interest will be there to help them through. Whether it’s a healing touch, caring for their injuries, a warm embrace, or brushing away their tears, there’s something heartwarming about the comfort portion of this trope.

Stranded Together. There are many versions of this popular trope, but my favorite is when two people get stranded together during a nasty snowstorm. It’s usually in some remote cabin in the woods, far away from civilization. This pair might not even like each other at first, or maybe they do and they’re just in denial about it all. Whatever the case, you know there’s some serious attraction, secret pining, and plenty of time for them to cave into their desires. There’s lots of romantic and sexual tension, chemistry, and witty banter that go along with this trope. Stranded together is a fun favorite to read and write.

That’s all I have for my favorite romantic tropes, moments, and gestures. Remember these opinions are strictly my own and purely subjective. So, there’s been some shaming about the Romance genre lately, and I just want to say a little something before I move onto updates.

Romance isn’t stupid or dumb. It’s one of the most popular genres and top sellers when it comes to fiction. Romance is the perfect escape from reality. It offers hope, even when it feels like there is none. It provides light in some of the darkest moments, and even when things seem bleak for the couple, you know they’ll pull through. You know that when you finish that book, you’ll be happy and satisfied. That’s because HEAs (Happily Ever After) or HFNs (Happy For Now) are guaranteed in the Romance genre. So no, it’s not dumb or stupid to lose yourself in a Romance novel while the world is burning around you. Don’t ever let anyone shame you for it – whether you’re a reader or a writer.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s move on to updates.

Coming Soon

The first interview snippet will be posted late this month. I’ll probably post one snippet per month, maybe two – if I have the time. The next character blog will be Ash’s and will be on Friday, July 24th. The next writing life blog will be on Friday, August 7th, where I’ll be covering another hot topic – villains. To all of my U.S. and Canadian friends, I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend. Stay safe and stay healthy. Until next time.