Name: Amelia

Day/Time: Tuesday, 10:53 PM

Current state of mind: Tired and cold

What are you wearing? Black leggings and my husband’s college sweatshirt

What are you listening to? long story short by Taylor Swift

What are you drinking? Cinnamon spice tea

Where are you? My office

Happy Friday and happy February everyone! This month I’m going to change things up. Originally, I was going to talk about my 2021 goals, but I wasn’t feeling it. Each time I tried to write, the words just weren’t coming, and I was bored with a capital “B.” And if I’m bored, you’re bored, and that’s the last thing I want.

Today, I’m going to give you all a chance to get to know the girl behind the blog. I’m going to share some fun facts about myself and give you a little more insight into who I am, and what makes me tick. So grab your drinks and let me do the thing I hate most, talk about myself.


All About Me

What you see is what you get. While I keep my personal life separate from my professional one—out of respect for my real-lifers, it doesn’t mean my public persona differs from my private one. I am that snarky, determined, coffee-addicted writer you see here and on social media. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not, and I won’t. It took me a long time to get comfortable with myself and accept me for me. I like to keep it honest and real.

Like everyone, I have good days and I have crap days. I have days where the words and the ideas are flowing, and I feel like I’m unstoppable. Then I have days where it’s me versus a blank page. And that blank page is a bitch. It’s the bane of my fucking existence, and sometimes I’m lucky to get a coherent sentence out. On my worst days, good old self-doubt creeps in. And self-doubt is one hell of a buzzkill when you’re trying to get any writing done. But it’s temporary. Bad days pass and self-doubt slinks back into the hole she came out of.

Sometimes I just need a reminder of how far I’ve come, of how much I’ve grown, and how much my stories and characters have evolved. And I can’t wait to share those stories with the world. That’s the drive that keeps me going. That stubborn and resilient fire burns in me and won’t let me quit. Quitting is just not embedded in my DNA.

Fun Fact: You will see similar qualities in some of my characters. After all, they say write what you know.

Bring on the Caffeine

I can’t survive without coffee. I need it, it’s my wake-up juice, my fuel, and the thing that gets me going. It’s also the one thing that keeps me from snapping at everyone around me. If you know me, you know it’s not safe to talk to me until after my first cup of coffee.

Fun fact: Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite fall treat. Don’t judge me.

Late Nights Are Where It’s At

I’m a night owl. I love the tranquil quiet of the nighttime hours. I love the dark and I have a fascination with the moon and stars. My creative dam tends to burst open at night. I can get lost in my fictional world for hours without worrying about constant interruptions and distractions. It’s just me following my characters on their journey, watching the scenes unfold, and documenting it all.

Fun Fact: Some of my most creative hours are right before I go to bed or right after I wake up.

Music Is My Muse

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m saying it again, I love music. Music plays a critical role in my writing. It sets the mood and opens those creative flood gates. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to it all the time because of my sensitive ears. Tinnitus is a bitch and some days I just need silence. On my good days, I’ll pull up those playlists and listen to them on repeat for hours.

Fun Fact: Nick and Raichel’s playlists are my favorites. If you want to check them out, click on the Spotify icon at the top of the webpage.

Guilty Pleasures

So many guilty pleasures, so little time. That’s the story of my writing life, but I still make time for the things I love. One of my favorite things to do is make popcorn and re-watch some of my favorite shows, like: The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, The Office, and more. I always like going back to my favorites because they’re a familiar comfort. And in a world shrouded in uncertainty, that familiar comfort is a necessity.

Animal videos are another guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, I’m that girl who watches animal videos and shares them with friends. If we’re close, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I love a good laugh and I love a good distraction, especially when my brain needs a break from all the real-world drama.

The Sims is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I am obsessed with that game. It shouldn’t be a shocker given my love for storytelling and world building. After I wrap up my work for the week, I’ll get on the computer and play The Sims for a few hours. It’s my little treat to myself .

Fun Fact: Some of my Sims are based off my book characters.


It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I love reading. I’m always buying new books and my TBR (To Be Read) pile is ridiculous and only continues growing. Besides writing, books are the ultimate escape for me. They’re my favorite way to unwind at the end of the night—or morning, in my case. I love curling up under a warm blanket with a glass of wine and immersing myself into a good story. There’s no better way to relax, IMO.

Fun Fact: I prefer longer books and series, over shorter ones and standalones.


I’m fluent in Polish and English. I tend to mix both languages and confuse them when I’m deep in thought or my emotions are running high. I love my Polish heritage and I’m proud of it. You can plan on seeing some Polish and Slavic lore and mythology in my books.

Fun Fact: Polish was the first language I learned to speak.

Other Fun Facts

  • I love to cook. My favorite meal to make is pizza. Margherita is the best, IMO.
  • I prefer salty treats over sweet ones. Popcorn is my favorite snack.
  • I love animals. We have a dog, who likes to nap by my feet while I write.
  • I love to dance and enjoy a good barre workout as a form of exercise.
  • Fall is my favorite season, while spring is my least favorite.



Nick’s character blog has been pushed back to Friday, February 26th. I just had too much going on last month and didn’t have time to work on his blog, but it will be up by the end of the month. My next writing life blog will be posted on Friday, March 5th.

Nick and Karina’s playlist has been posted and can be found in the Songs section under the Extras Menu. Raichel’s interview snippet has been posted and Daniel’s interview snippet will be up by the end of February.

That’s all I have for you today. As always, stay healthy and stay safe.