Happy New Year and happy Friday, everyone. As always, I’m excited to start fresh and begin another chapter in my book of life. I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, just because I rarely stick with them. To be honest, I usually end up forgetting about them at some point early in the year. So, I just set a few goals in hopes that I’ll at least accomplish some of them by the time 2020 comes to an end. If you missed the December blog, you can check out my 2020 goals there.

Now that the hectic holidays are over, I’m slowly getting back to my writing life.  Unfortunately, my manuscript is still in its resting phase until the fifteenth of this month. I’ve been keeping busy with character backstories, interviews, world building, research, and working on new content for this site. What can you expect to see this year?

Coming Soon

Personal Blog. My writing life blogs are going to dwindle down to once a month as I dive back into revisions. As much as I’d like to keep the current schedule, it just won’t be feasible. I’m hoping to eventually get back to the bi-weekly posts later this year. I’ll keep you all updated when it changes back.

Character Blogs. Coming in spring 2020. You’ll get to meet the characters of The Witches of Luna Cove series and learn more about them as they blog about their personal lives. This will give you all some more insight onto who they are, what they love, what they hate, and more. You’ll also see how they interact with each other and yours truly.

Character Interviews. I’ll be sharing snippets from my characters’ personal interviews. These are character questionnaires that my entire cast answers in their own words and voices. You’ll be able to check those out this spring as well.

Social Media Clips. These are highlights from my Twitter world. I was hoping to get this part done over the holidays, but I just didn’t have the time. The chaos of Christmas and New Year’s consumed my life and didn’t leave much room for anything else. Now that I’m getting back to normal, I’m hoping to add these Twitter outtakes within the next couple of months.

Playlists and Photos. Keep checking the Extras section as more photos and playlists will be uploaded throughout the year. I just posted a new playlist over the holiday break; you can check that out under the Songs section.

Those are the changes that you can expect in 2020. As usual, I’ll keep you all updated with any new announcements. Now, we’re going to dive into who’s who in Luna Cove. I’m going to introduce the major players in Book One of The Witches of Luna Cove series. I’ll tell you a bit about who they are without giving too much away. Here’s a sneak peek of the cast.

Who’s Who: TWOLC, Book One

Nick: Main Character. King of the Witches. Leader of the Luna Coven. He’s my hardheaded hard-ass with a good heart. Confident, clever, and persistent, Nick doesn’t believe in the word “impossible.” He’s as tenacious as they come, and he doesn’t quit, no matter how tough things get. Sometimes all that tenacity gets him into trouble – especially in his personal life.

Karina: Main Character. Queen of the Witches. She’s my sweet and sassy smartass. Resilient, empathetic, and loyal to her core, she’ll do anything for those she cares about. She’s a great listener – too bad she doesn’t always take her own advice.

Ryan: Nick’s best friend and right-hand man. He’s a skilled fighter and the coven’s trainer. Cool, charismatic, and confident bordering on cocky, Ryan’s easygoing vibe and laid-back charm make most people feel at ease. But sometimes that overconfident demeanor of his can cause some serious discord among him and his friends.

Ash (Joasia or Asia): Karina’s fun-loving, free-spirited best friend. Outgoing, outspoken, and unfiltered, Ash is one who speaks her mind. While her candor might be welcomed in some circles, in others it gets her into some serious trouble. But Ash doesn’t mind, she’s always up for a challenge – or so she says.

Jared: The wolf in sheep’s clothing. Powerful, successful, and elusive, he’s a pretty package on the outside, but dark and twisted on the inside. People are attracted to his dark allure, intellect, and good looks. Much like Nick, he doesn’t believe in the impossible, which makes him one hell of a power player in the Luna Cove world.

Raichel: People love to hate her and hate to love her. Wild, unpredictable, and impulsive, no one’s ever sure what she’ll do next. She’s got a reputation as a vengeful bitch and she makes no apologies for who she is. She doesn’t care about being liked. She just wants to survive and keep breathing. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Courtni: Karina’s bold, fun, and spontaneous human best friend. Friendly, dependable, and gutsy, Courtni’s known for her brutal honesty and reliability. She’s always there for Karina and isn’t scared to call her out on her shit. In fact, she’s not scared to call anyone out on their shit, which causes some conflict in her life.

Marissa: Nick’s younger sister and fearless fighter. Brave and determined with a fiery temper, Marissa doesn’t stand down from a fight. She’ll put it all on the line for those she loves without a second thought. But all that emotive bravado can result in some dire consequences for her and those around her.

Daniel: The guarded one. He’s the coven’s main interrogator and he’s good at getting people to talk. Too bad he can’t get himself to open up. Cold, closed off, and extremely private, Daniel prefers to battle his inner demons on his own. But despite that frosty and guarded exterior, there’s still some warmth hidden underneath.

Lukas: The low-key analyst. Intelligent, resourceful, and observant, Luke excels as the Luna Coven’s top tracker and security expert. Combining magic with technology he can find anyone or anything within time. He’s determined and committed to his job. Failure’s not an option for him, neither is anything less than perfection.

Holly: The voice of reason. Patient, level-headed, and tactful, she can diffuse even the most explosive of situations. Many turn to her for advice and guidance because of her warm, sincere, and nonjudgmental nature. She can talk most people down from the ledge, it’s why she’s an excellent therapist and a trustworthy friend, regardless of her own demons.

Aria: The feisty teenager. Nick and Marissa’s youngest sister. At fourteen, she’s full of attitude and angst. Adopted by Nick several years ago, she’s anxious to fit in with all the adults surrounding her. Aria’s experiencing a serious case of FOMO, which leads to some drama between her and her siblings.

In Closing

You can expect to see more Who’s Who in the future. For now, I’ve covered the most prominent players in Book One of The Witches of Luna Cove. There’s much more to these characters than what I’ve listed above, but I’ll let you all discover that for yourselves. If you’re interested in taking a peek at any character or book aesthetics, you can hop on over to my Instagram or Twitter page.

The next blog won’t be until February 7th. In the meantime, keep checking my website for any updates and announcements. Until next time.