Name: Nick & Karina

Day/Time: Friday, 11:32 PM

Current state of mind: Annoyed (Nick) & Bored (Karina)

What are you wearing? Clothes

What are you listening to? Love Lies by Khalid & Normani

What are you drinking? Bourbon (Nick) & mulled wine (Karina)

Where are you? Sunroom

Happy Autumn! I’m Karina and Nick is joining me today. We’re taking over for Amelia this month and co-authoring our first blog together.

Yup. This time Kari and I are skipping story time and playing twenty-one questions because we have nothing better to do.

What Nick means is that we’re changing up the format and style and having a little fun for a change. The questions are designed as a way for all of you to get to know us better. We’ll be selecting the questions randomly and answering them as we go along.

Twenty-One Questions

1. Who is the most likely to run a marathon and win?

Nick: Ryan. He’s the only one who’d voluntarily sign up for that shit.

Karina: You wouldn’t?

Nick: Fuck no. Crowds filled with humans aren’t my thing.

Karina: Same. Not to mention, I really hate running. I won’t even run on the treadmill, so there’s no chance in hell I’m running a marathon.

2. Who is the most likely to get into a bar fight?

Karina: Raichel.

Nick: She’s a walking and talking bar fight. If she’s not throwing down, she’s not happy.

Karina: She’s never happy.

Nick: True fucking story.

3. Who is the most likely to get into a fender-bender?

Nick: Ash, she doesn’t pay attention to shit when she’s driving.

Karina: Courtni. I swear she got into an accident every few months while we were in college, and she hasn’t improved all that much.

Nick: From what I know of her, I can see it.

4. Whose personality fits their zodiac sign the best?

Karina: Nick. His traits fit the Capricorn mold almost perfectly.

Nick: I’ll take your word for it. I don’t pay much attention to all that zodiac bullshit.

Karina: I think some of it’s accurate. You’re the perfect example. You’re ambitious, assertive, determined, and a brilliant leader who tends to come off as cold and intimidating.

Nick: Yeah, but how many of those traits originated from my upbringing and environment?

Karina: I still think the zodiac plays a small part of it.

Nick: Maybe. But people tend to use their star signs as an excuse to justify their shitty behavior. It’s a fucking copout.

Karina: That’s a good point.

5. Who is the most likely to adopt an animal?

Nick: Karina.

Karina: Definitely me. I’d rescue them all if I could.

Nick: All of them?

Karina: Well, not all of them. Just the puppies, kittens, cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets—

Nick: We get the picture. 😉

6. Who is the most likely to win a holiday baking competition?

Karina: Ash.

Nick: One hundred. She’d kill it and she wouldn’t even have to try.

Karina: She’s so talented. I love her chocolate babka, it’s my absolute favorite.

Nick: I’m not big on sweets, but I’ll never turn down a slice of her apple spice cake.

Karina: Now I’m getting hungry.

Nick: We’ll grab a bite after, if you want.

Karina: I want.

7. Who is the best dancer?

Nick: Karina. Hands down.

Karina: Really? I was gonna say Ash.

Nick: Ash is good, but not that good.

Karina: Thank you.

Nick: It’s nothing to thank me for, sweetheart. You’re talented. Own it.

8. Who is the most likely to race a car and win?

Karina: Nick. He’s a skilled driver with a lead foot.

Nick: I agree.

Karina: I love it when you drive.

Nick: Is that so?

Karina: Mm-hmm, especially when you’re operating a manual. Oh, and when you shift the car in reverse, and you twist around and toss your arm around my seatback. I love that.

Nick: I learn something new every day.

Karina: Told you this would be fun.

9. Who is the most likely to fall out of a tree?

Nick: Riss.

Karina: Seriously?

Nick: It’s nothing she hasn’t done before.

Karina: Let me guess, she was probably a kid—

Nick: She was eighteen and inebriated out of her damn mind.

Karina: Did she get hurt?

Nick: The only things that got bruised were her ass and her ego.

Karina: She got lucky.

Nick: She was lucky Ryan and I were around. We couldn’t see her, courtesy of the half-assed veiling spell she cast over herself, but we heard her.

Karina: Holy shit.

Nick: Don’t drink and cast.

Karina: That should be a witchy slogan or something.

10. Who is the most passive-aggressive?

Karina: I hate to say it, but Ash.

Nick: I wish she’d stop with the damn guessing games and just be direct. It’d save on all the drama and headaches.

Karina: Riss brought it up to her the other day. The conversation didn’t go so well.

Nick: Yeah, I heard all about it.

Karina: They’re still not speaking to each other.

Nick: They’ll patch things up. They always do.

11. Who is the most organized?

Nick: I’d say it’s a tie between me and Luke.

Karina: I agree.

12. Who would be the most likely to end up in prison?

Karina: Raichel.

Nick: Yup. Wouldn’t be her first time and won’t be her last.

Karina: Definitely not.

13. Who is the messiest?

Nick: Riss.

Karina: Me.

Nick: I don’t think you’re as bad as my sister.

Karina: You haven’t seen me at my worst. Yet.

Nick: Fair enough.

14. Who is the best liar?

Karina: Not me.

Nick: You couldn’t hide your emotions if you tried.

Karina: The sad thing is, I do try. But my eyes are expressive, so I’m screwed when it comes to the art of deception.

Nick: Don’t I know it.

Karina: Who are you thinking?

Nick: Daniel.

Karina: He’s a contender, but so are you—and I don’t mean it in a bad way. You’re one of the most honest and direct people I’ve ever known, but when it comes to deceiving our enemies, you’re a pro.

Nick: It’s not a title I like, but when you put it that way, I’m damn good at what I do. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you and mine.

Karina: I know.

15. Who would most likely end up on a reality show?

Nick: Courtni.

Karina: I could see her ending up on some interior design show or something.

16. Who is the most likely to run out of a room because of a spider?

Karina: Me.

Nick: I agree. Not only will Kari wake my ass up out of a dead sleep to kill one of those little suckers, but she’ll flee the room like it’s on fire till the fucker is dead and gone.

Karina: I don’t like them.

Nick: You know I’d kill anything for you.

Karina: I know.

17. Who is the most likely to hack a bank and not get caught?

Nick: Luke, he’s got some serious skills when it comes to hacking.

Karina: And he has the patience of a saint when it comes to tech. Me? I have none.

18. Who is most likely to win at a game of darts?

Karina: Nick. His aim is impeccable, but I think I’d come in at a close second.

Nick: You’re improving, that’s for sure.

Karina: I have a good teacher.

Nick: And I have an excellent student who’s a quick study.

19. Who is the most underestimated out of the group?

Nick: Karina.

Karina: I think it’s Holly. She seems so sweet and innocent, and then she just slaughters two demons out of nowhere, like it’s no big deal.

Nick: It’s always the quiet ones you gotta look out for. The mouthy motherfuckers tend to be all bark, no bite.

Karina: Louder doesn’t equate with better.

Nick: No, it equates with insecurity.

Karina: Hard agree.

20. Who is the most direct?

Karina: I know we’ve kind of addressed this already, but Nick. He calls them like he sees them. No sugarcoating, no bullshit.

Nick: I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Don’t like it, don’t ask for my opinion.

Karina: I wish I could be that direct.

Nick: It’s a gift. 😉

21. Who is most likely to rule the world?

Nick: Us.

Karina: Seriously?

Nick: Yup. We already rule over the supernatural community.

Karina: That’s true, but what about the humans?

Nick: What about them?

Karina: Will we rule over them too?

Nick: Fuck no. With any luck, they’ll destroy themselves before they destroy the earth.

Karina: At the rate they’re going, it’s definitely possible.

Well, that’s it for the questions and for the blog. We hope you had fun. I know Nick and I did. Luke or Holly should be posting their blogs by the end of the month or the beginning of next month. I’m not sure.

They’ll post when they’re good and ready.

That’s true. Anyway, Nick and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Until next time,

Nick & Karina

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