*CW: Graphic Language*

Name: Nick & Karina

Day/Time: Friday, 8:38 PM

Current state of mind: Relaxed

What are you wearing? Clothes

What are you listening to? Young God by Halsey

What are you drinking? Bourbon (Nick) & watermelon sangria (Kari)

Where are you? On the patio

Happy Summer! Nick and I are back for another blog takeover.

Yup. Kari and I are wasting another perfectly good evening answering random questions no one gives a flying fuck about. I say we skip this shit show and hit the beach house.

Oh, come on, we had fun last time. It’ll be quick and painless and then we can go to the beach house afterwards. Unless you want to do the Q&A from there.

Let’s just get this shit over with.

Figured you’d say that. 😊

1. What is the strangest gift you’ve ever received?

Nick: A demon’s head. Served up on a silver fucking platter.

Karina: What?

Nick: It was a Solstice gift from my uncle.

Karina: Okay, while I can totally see your uncle doing that shit, I still need details.

Nick: Long story short: we were hunting a demon and my uncle got to him first. He killed it and gift-wrapped the fucker’s noggin in gold foil. He even stuck a shiny red bow on top and shoved that shit under the tree like it was a legit Yule present.

Karina: Wow. And here I thought the vial of blood I received for my birthday was weird.

Nick: That was weird, but at least it came in handy. Not much I can do with a decaying demon skull.

Karina: True. Our families are kind of unhinged, aren’t they?

Nick: Sweetheart, there’s nothing “kind of” about it.

Karina: *sighs*

2. What is one fashion trend you hope never makes a comeback?

Karina: Just one?

Nick: Name however many you want. Who gives a fuck?

Karina: Okay. Shoulder pads, newsboy caps, dresses over jeans, tube tops, neon anything, and so much more.

Nick: What? You don’t like looking like a highlighter? 

Karina: No. LOL. I’ll pass.

Nick: You sure about that?

Karina: Positive.

Nick: Trucker hats, popped collars, acid washed jeans, spandex, and anything from the 80s.

Karina: I second all of that.

3. If your partner came with a warning sign, what would it say?

Nick: Kari’s would say: No Coffee, No Chat.

Karina: Spot on. 😊

Nick: I know. 😉

Karina: Nick’s would say: Caution: Approach at Your Own Risk.

Nick: Damn straight.

4. If you could participate in one Summer Olympic sport, which would you choose and why?

Karina: I’m not overly athletic, but if I had to pick, it would be beach volleyball. It’s the one sport I’m actually good at.

Nick: You’re better than good. Don’t cut yourself short, sweetheart.

Karina: Thank you.😊 Let me guess, you’d pick soccer or basketball.

Nick: Soccer. I enjoy it more than I do b-ball.

5. You’re at the beach, when you notice someone drowning. There is no lifeguard on duty. What do you do?

Nick: Save their ass. I’d work some of my healing mojo, then dive deep into their brain and see if they were worth the effort. If not, I’d fry them like a side of burnt bacon and toss their remains back into the Atlantic.

Karina: You know, I never thought about the mind-dive part.

Nick: No?

Karina: No. I would do everything within my power to save them. Without hesitation. It’s just second nature. But I would’ve never even thought about taking a stroll through their memories.

Nick: Would you?

Karina: Now that you’ve mentioned it? Yeah. As much as I hate invading someone’s privacy, I couldn’t live with myself knowing I might’ve brought back some evil piece of shit. I just can’t believe I never even considered it. I feel so fucking naïve.

Nick: You’re not. Like you said, it’s instinct. You’ve worked in the human ER for what? Six years?

Karina: Yeah.

Nick: How many times have you strolled through a patient’s memory banks?

Karina: Never.

Nick: So why would you think of it now?

Karina: Because I’m in your world and I should know better.

Nick: Our world. And you haven’t been back that long. It’s gonna take some time to adjust.

Karina: I guess.

Nick: *gently squeezes her hand*

6. What is the last thing you did for the first time in this lifetime?

Karina: Took a trip to the Underworld.

Nick: What’d you think?

Karina: It was… interesting and… different from what I can remember.

Nick: I’m surprised you remember anything at all.

Karina: I remember I liked the wine. A lot. The rest is pretty blurry.

Nick: Told you it had a kick.😄

Karina: That you did. I believe I owe you a pair of new boots.

Nick: Don’t worry about it.

Karina: Are you sure? Those were nice boots.

Nick: You’re good.

Karina: If you say so. What about you?

Nick: Parent-teacher conferences.

Karina: That doesn’t sound like fun.

Nick: I’d rather watch paint dry than talk to Aria’s Lit teacher again.

Karina: Well, at least you know why Aria kept falling asleep in class.

Nick: Next time, I’ll send her to school with a jumbo-sized coffee.

Karina: I don’t know… you might regret that.😄

Nick: Not as much as I’d regret murdering her teacher for calling me in the middle of the day.

Karina: Somehow, I don’t see you regretting that all too much.

Nick: You’re right. I wouldn’t.😉

Karina: 😊

7. If you were stranded on a deserted tropical island with only your magic and a pocketknife, would you rather be stuck with your worst enemy or all alone? Why?

Nick: Alone. It’s gonna take more than just my powers and some knife to put that immortal motherfucker down for good.

Karina: Same. Maybe I could work on my tan before finding my way home.

Nick: There’s an idea.

Karina: Maybe you’d find me and join me?

Nick: You know it. 😉

8. What TV show would the two of you binge-watch together (if you had the time)?

Karina: Hmm…I’m trying to think of something we’d both like… The Witcher?

Nick: I’d be down. Not sure how much actual “watching” we’d get in, but I’m good with it.

Karina: Yeah, you’re not the sit-on-your-ass, binge-watch type, are you?

Nick: Nope. I could think of better ways to kill some free time.

Karina: I believe I like your ways…

Nick: Is that so?

Karina: Mm-hmm.

Nick: I could show you some new ones, if you like.

Karina: I would most definitely like.

Nick: Tonight?

Karina: It’s a date. 

9. If you could teach one subject, what would it be?

Nick: The Art of Not Pissing Me Off.

Karina: I know a few people who’d benefit from that course.

Nick: Which is why it should be part of the curriculum. Too bad, I don’t have the time or resources to educate stupid motherfuckers on it. Until it’s too late, that is.

Karina: Hopefully they’ll remember that lesson in their next lifetime.

Nick: Not holding my breath.

Karina: Can’t blame you. I’d teach Pathophysiology. It’s one of my favorite subjects.

Nick: You’d be damn good at it.

Karina: I’d like to think so.

Nick: I know so.

10. What was your least favorite food as a child that you still hate today?

Karina: Flaki. Just thinking about them makes me nauseous.

Nick: Yeah, I’m not a fan of tripe soup.

Karina: My aunt made me try it once, and once was enough. I couldn’t handle the texture of that shit. After I got sick at the table, she never served it to me again.

Nick: Wise of her. For me, it’s beets. Can’t stand the taste or texture.

Karina: I hate beets when they’re on their own or in a salad, but I don’t mind barszcz all that much. It’s not my favorite, but I can tolerate it.

Nick: I don’t like beet soup either. Not my thing.

11. Name one song that is guaranteed to boost your mood.

Nick: Back In Black by AC/DC.

Karina: I love that song. For me, it’s Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna. I always play it whenever I’m getting ready to go out.

Nick: I know. I like watching you dance around my room. In nothing but my t-shirt. 😉

Karina: *blushes* I still can’t believe I didn’t notice you standing there the entire time.

Nick: You were occupied.

Karina: That’s one word for it, I guess.

Nick: 😄

12. Never have I ever…

Karina: Never have I ever turned my father into a living and breathing statue.

Nick: I have no regrets.

Karina: I know. 😂

Nick: Never have I ever danced around my bedroom, wearing nothing but a t-shirt while listening to Rihanna. 😉

Karina: Seriously? 😂 *tosses a throw pillow at him*

Nick: 😄 *drapes his arm around her shoulder*

Karina: You know, you could’ve nailed me with this question.

Nick: Not my style. I’ll tease you once we’re away from prying eyes. 😉

Karina: Of course you will. 😄

13. What kitchen appliance do you use the most frequently?

Nick: Coffeemaker.

Karina: Same. If I don’t have at least two cups of coffee to kick off my day, don’t even bother talking to me. It’s not pretty.

Nick: Sweetheart, you’d straight up murder somebody without your caffeine fix.

Karina: I’m not that bad.

Nick: *cocks brow*

Karina: Well, I wouldn’t go as far as murder, but I’d probably injure someone. Gravely.

Nick: I should buy stock in dark roast.

Karina: And vanilla roast… and pumpkin spice lattes.

Nick: Noted. 😉

Karina: 😊

14. Beach Volleyball. Who’s on your team? Who wins?

Karina: I’m on Nick’s team.

Nick: Damn straight you are.

Karina: Who are we playing?

Nick: Ryan, Ash, Holly, and Daniel.

Karina: So, it would be me, you, Marissa, and Luke?

Nick: Yup.

Karina: I like it. I think we’d win.

Nick: We’d kick their ass. Straight up.

Karina: I like your confidence.

Nick: Is that all you like?

Karina: How about I show you later?

Nick: Deal.

15. Would you rather host a party or attend someone else’s? Why?

Nick: Host. My place. My guests. My rules.

Karina: You do like being in control.

Nick: You know it. 😉

Karina: Hey, I am not complaining. 😘

Nick: *kisses her forehead*

Karina: I’m all about hosting. I love planning parties, especially when they’re for someone else.

Nick: You and Ash both.

Karina: She is ridiculously organized and meticulous. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Nick: Ditto.

16. How long does it take you to get ready on a typical day?

Karina: About an hour. Sometimes more. It all depends on whether my hair is cooperating with me that day or not.

Nick: You’ve got nice hair.

Karina: That’s because it takes forever to get under control—especially when it’s hot and humid. Without products and my time-consuming efforts, I’d look like a Pomeranian who just stuck its tongue inside a light socket.

Nick: 😄I wouldn’t go that far.

Karina: You haven’t seen it at its worst. *sighs* I wish it would take me only five minutes to style my hair.

Nick: My hair is much shorter than yours, sweetheart.

Karina: And straighter. And thicker. And perfectly styled.

Nick: You want my hair?

Karina: No. I just like your hair and… I’m envious of its ability to do as it’s told.

Nick: 😄 That’s just one part of my routine. It still takes me about thirty minutes to get ready.

Karina: Lucky you.

Nick: I am. But that’s not why. 😉

Karina: 😊

17. This or That: Sweet or Savory?

Nick: Savory. I’m not big on sweets.

Karina: I like both, but I’m going with sweet. I can’t live without my chocolate and peanut butter fix.

Nick: Don’t I know it.😉

18. What’s an underrated skill you think everyone could benefit from?

Karina: Empathy.

Nick: Common sense.

Karina: If they only grew on trees.

Nick: We’d all be better off.

Karina: So true.

19. What do you hate the most about summer?

Nick: Tourists. Motherfucking human tourists.

Karina: Yeah, but at least they boost the economy.

Nick: And my blood pressure.

Karina: 😄 I hate all the creepy crawlies, especially spiders and centipedes. They freak me the fuck out.

Nick: That’s why I kill those little fuckers.

Karina: You’re a godsend.

Nick: I know. 😉

20. Beach picnic. What are you packing in your basket?

Karina: Shit. We could’ve had a picnic and watched the sunset while we ate.

Nick: We can have one tomorrow if you want.

Karina: Maybe we can get pizza from the brewery and some wine or beer?

Nick: I’m down. We could get the stuffed mushrooms.

Karina: And the lava cake for dessert.

Nick: Can’t forget the lava cake.

Karina: Nope. It would be a complete and utter travesty.

Nick: We couldn’t have that.

Karina: Thank the gods, you have an awesome memory.

Nick: Among other things. 😉

Karina: 😘

21. Hit us with some life advice.

Nick: Make yourself a priority and live life on your own terms.

Karina: I need to work on that.

Nick: We all do.

Karina: I would say, learn to set boundaries and say “no,” especially when someone or something is detrimental to your well-being.

Nick: Damn straight.

Karina: Now, I just need to take my own advice.

Nick: You’re getting better.

Karina: I would like to think so.

Nick: I know so.

Karina: 😊 I think we’re done.

Nick: Yup. That’s a wrap. Amelia will be back to doing her damn job on Friday, October 7th. In the meantime, don’t do anything stupid.

What Nick means is that we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Something like that. Stay safe.

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